Meet our Staff

Pastor Vicky StifterPastor Vicky Stifter came to Riverside nine years ago seeking to serve a church that was welcoming, diverse and open to movements of the Spirit.

In her ministry, Pastor Vicky seeks to serve a God of justice and love by following in the ways of Jesus. She believes that God yearns for the liberation of the whole of God’s creation, including each one of us. She believes that God’s Spirit is at work in our midst, guiding and empowering us to make God’s dreams visible in our world.

In addition to her role as Riverside pastor, Vicky devotes her time to her two daughters, an older step daughter, and her husband Rev. John Boonstra, who is engaged in a ministry to confront the climate change crisis.   She is nurtured by the glories of God’s creation, and seeks to spend as much time as possible outdoors—ideally in, on, or near water.